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Brain Stroke or attack causes sudden onset weakness/paralysis of a part of body. It is equivalent of heart attack. In brain attack symptoms depend on which part of brain is affected.


    • In the first one, which is common, there is reduction in blood supply to brain damage.
    • In the second one there is rupture of blood vessal in brain i.e. brain hemorrhage.

Symptoms of Stroke

    • Sudden onset of weakness/numbness of one side of part of body.
    • Sudden and double vision
    • Unsteadiness in gait, difficulty in swallowing.
    • Sudden problem in speech.
    • Acute headache with or without paralysis.

Remember- F.A.S.T. For early detection & timely action.

    • F : Facial deviation.
    • A : Arm Weakness.
    • S : Speech Slurring.
    • T : Time to Act fast to save Brain.

Sometimes one can have mini strokes. i.e. above symptoms lasting for a short duration and patient may recover completely but in more than 50% of these patients, develop complete stroke with in 48 hrs of mini stroke, so do not ignore mini stroke.

Risk Factors:

    • Older age
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Smoking
    • oral contraceptives
    • Family history of Stroke.

Stroke Facts

    • 1 in 6 people in their lifetime will get a stroke.
    • Every year 20 million people will suffer from stroke in the world
    • 5 million will die due to stroke
    • 50% of survivals will be left with some disability
    • Every 2 seconds there is 1 stroke in the world


    • Treatment is different for both types of stroke i.e. ischemic (Brain Clotting) & hemorrhagic (bleeding) So early consultation with neurologist is a must for diagnosis.
    • Early treatment leads to long term better relief.
    • Longer the duration of reduction of blood supply to brain greater is the damage. Clot busters/dissolving drugs can be given within 3 hours of onset of stroke. It is very important that the patient reaches the hospital in the first three hours of the onset Of stroke. If the treatment is provided within this time frame the chances of recovery improves manifold.